Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 Weeks Later!

Hey gang! You might be wondering where the heck I've been for the past couple of weeks. Well, let's just say that the postponement of softball upset me in ways you cannot imagine. I was on a hunger strike for 1 hour and 35 minutes. Then I tried a sleep strike. That didn't last much longer. Then I marched up and down Hennepin Ave cursing at the weather and softball Gods. It turns out marching is exercise, so that didn't last very long. But I bought a burrito with the change I gathered from drivers by who were in support of my plight. Carnitas...oh boy do I love a good burrito. Long story short, I've had quite a journey in and out of madness the past couple of weeks.

Skirt Turtles, Huzzah!
I am pleased to announce that the BNW Skirt Turtles had their season opener Monday and we kicked some serious ass! I know it's a Co-ed recreational league, but I was out for blood. After the disappointments of last years league I wanted to send a message to the City Sports Connection Spring Co-ed Rec League the Skirt Turtles were nothing to snicker at. Well, MESSAGE SENT! We 10 runned the team we played in the 5th inning and celebrated at the Corner bar with appetizers and beverages. I am awfully proud of the squad!!

...suck my balls. How is it that I continue to owe money? Answer: I'm a fucking idiot!

I promise I won't leave you in the lurch like this again loyal readers. My proverbial teat of knowledge will always be there for a suckle. Still friends?

Tune in SOON for the next installment! Same Bob-time(maybe), same Bob-channel!

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  1. You should blog more so I can blog stalk you. Seriously.